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Event Review

7 takeaways from the Blockchain Supply Chain Summit

Ana Biazetti

How mature is the technology? What are the lawyers saying? And are standards coming into alignment? Ana Biazetti, Chief Architect of TradeLens reports back from the Chicago summit with answers to these questions, plus recommendations for blockchain adoption.

Document Sharing

What does a digitized supply chain look like?

Ana Biazetti

Any given container might collect over 100 versions documents over the course of its journey. The World Economic Forum calculates that processing these can amount to 20% of the cost of the shipment. Here’s how that’s going to change.

Event Review

Tech takeover at TPM


Did you make it to TPM this year? Platforms and interoperability were the buzzwords — music to our ears. Here’s a quick look back at what we saw and heard.


Why interoperability matters

Nis Jespersen

What happens when different players in a supply chain can’t agree on fundamental definitions? Or when shippers, carriers and customs authorities need to rely on paper documents because their computers can’t talk to each other?

Platform Thinking

Understanding the platform business model


A platform approach does what different shipping software and portals have been trying to do for years: facilitate exchanges of information and foster connections among participants from end to end of the supply chain.

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