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TradeLens supply chain technology


Every day, the world sees millions of shipping containers in motion. A minor miracle of logistics, coordination and communication, but how well can you see the ones that matter most to you? TradeLens is a blockchain powered shipping solution that brings unprecedented transparency, trust and collaboration to global supply chains.

Shipping in the age of blockchain


At IBM Think 2019 conference, Mike White, Head of TradeLens at Maersk and Marvin Erdly, Head of TradeLens at IBM explain how TradeLens wants to change the container logistics game by digitizing information flows across the globe and between trade partners.

TradeLens: trade made easy


The world relies on a trade ecosystem of unprecedented scale and complexity with more than $16 trillion of goods a year. 80% of the things that we use every day arrive by ship. Every hour, of every day, a minor miracle of international logistics. But the industry is too disjointed. Too siloed. Too uncoordinated. Resulting […]

Cross-border supply chain solution


Demo of how IBM and Maersk are digitizing and simplifying global trade to create trust and transparency in the supply chain using blockchain technology — a distributed, permissioned platform accessible by the supply chain ecosystem designed to exchange events data and handle document workflows. The example shows how shipping flowers can create trust and security […]