TradeLens Wins Supply Chain Transformation of the Year Award at Supply Chain Asia Forum


TradeLens was awarded Supply Chain Transformation of the Year (Projects) by Supply Chain Asia (SCA). The award was given to the organization with innovative and transformative projects for the adoption of emerging technologies and solutions.

Todd Scott, Blockchain VP –  Global Trade IBM, accepting the award for Supply Chain Transformation of the Year

The spirit of the award is aligned with the mission of TradeLens – to leverage groundbreaking technologies to innovate and transform the global supply chain.  IBM, a commercial partner of TradeLens alongside Maersk, took home 2 additional awards: Supply Chain Enterprise and Supply Chain Partner of the Year.  Information on all of the awards can be found here.

The award was given to TradeLens at the Supply Chain Asia Forum held in Singapore – Supply Chain Asia Forum 2019 brings together over 2,000 of the best minds of supply chain and logistics together to deliberate, discuss and explore major issues, opportunities and challenges impacting the industry.

TradeLens had a presence at this event beyond the recognition of the award.  Todd Scott, VP of Blockchain Global Trade at IBM gave one of the keynote presentations, where he addressed the latest challenges the Asia Pacific region is facing in regards to global trade and supply chains, and how technology is helping to drive it’s transformation.   Other members of the TradeLens leadership team participated in various panels, the Chairman’s address and solo speaking slots.   TradeLens also had a booth that was one of the highlights in the exhibit area where companies were able to explore TradeLens first hand.

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